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Our People and Culture

At TIPL, we ensure workplace and marketplace integrity by institutionalizing  good corporate governance practices based on our Code of Conduct while respecting the rights of everyone touched by our business processes. Our commitment  to maintain a healthy work-life balance also makes TIPL an engaging place to work.

Our culture – Our foundation of unyielding integrity and commitment acts as a compass to guide our thoughts and actions, serving as the pillars that uphold us as an organization. We are defined by our values, actions, unstinted loyalty and a relentless drive to achieve the highest standards of quality that are ingrained in the spirit of TIPL.

We believe in the power of knowledge as the most critical driver of growth. The right people, offering ideas and expertise in the right situations, is a sure recipe for all-round success. We look for people who are adaptable, self-motivated, entreprenural, creative, collaborative and having strong passion for excellence. Relationships forged by us are robust and enduring. We foster a culture of open ness where every member of the organization I encouraged think independently and express their opinions without inhibition. Our culture is characterized by warmth and care for each other.

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Our Prime Focus Remain…

Engaged, empowered and competent employees, working collaboratively and feeling cared for both professional & personal life.