Dipper payload 45.4 tonnes
    Dipper capacity 18.4-39.0 m3 (24-51 yd3)
    Effective length of dipper handle 9.45 m
    Length of boom 18.0 m
    Overall length of dipper handle 12.65 m
    Working weight, with dipper and standard links 789251.0 kg
    Ballast (furnished by customer) 159665.0 kg
    General purpose dipper – 25.2 m3 (33 yd3) 49895.0 kg
    Net weight, domestic, without ballast or dipper 579691.0 kg
    Note These weights will vary slightly depending upon dipper and optional equipment selection.
    Crawler Mounting – Number and diameter of rollers: Lower (16) 71.0 cm
    Crawler Mounting – Number and diameter of rollers: Lower rear (2) 89.0 cm
    Crawler Mounting – Number and diameter of rollers: Upper Slides
    Crawler Mounting – Number and pitch of treads (96) 45.0 cm
    Crawler Mounting – Overall length of mounting 10.26 m
    Crawler Mounting – Overall width 139.7 cm (55 in) treads, standard 8.2 m
    Crawler Mounting – Overall width 182.88 cm (72 in) treads 8.63 m
    Crawler Mounting – Take-up tumblers diameter 120.7 cm
    Crawler Mounting – Total effective bearing area (139.7 cm/55 in treads) 20.81 m2 (224 ft2); 371.6 kPa (53.9 psi)
    Crawler Mounting – Total effective bearing area (182.88 cm/72 in treads) 27.2 m2 (293 ft2); 284.1 kPa (41.2 psi)
    Hoist Hoist machinery consists of a motor coupled to two gear reductions, which drive the 137 cm (54 in) hoist drum.
    Planetary Propel Dual-motor independent drive.
    Revolving Frame – Welded, impact-resistant steel: Length 6.92 m
    Revolving Frame – Welded, impact-resistant steel: Width 3.2 m
    Swing Two parallel shaft units mounted to either side of the revolving frame. Each unit is driven by a vertically mounted motor.
    Turntable – Cast alloy steel swing rack pitch diameter 4.37 m
    Turntable – Number of tapered rollers 54
    Turntable – Tapered rollers diameter 18.73 cm
    Turntable – Tapered, forged alloy steel roller rails diameter 3.92 m
    Turntable – Teeth external cut (face) 20.32 cm
    Clearance height (boom point sheaves) 18.15 m
    Clearance radius (boom point sheaves) 17.48 m
    Clearance radius (revolving frame) 7.98 m
    Clearance under frame (to ground) 3.07 m
    Clearance under lowest point in truck frame/propel gearcase 0.78 m
    Cutting height (maximum) 15.56 m
    Cutting radius (maximum) 21.78 m
    Dumping height 9.22 m
    Dumping height at maximum electric crowd limit 7.0 m
    Dumping radius (maximum) 18.69 m
    Height of A-frame 11.94 m
    Operator’s eye level 8.2 m
    Overall width 12.39 m
    Radius of level floor 15.58 m
    Components 4 pumps (2 for lubricant and 2 for grease) located in an insulated, double-walled lube room.
    Type Single-line system applies lubricant and grease via the PLC.
    Distribution System Requirements – Machine on large system 1320 kVA
    Distribution System Requirements – Machine on separate system 2000 kVA
    Drive IGBT Acutrol drive system.
    Main Electrical Systems – Lighting transformer 1 x 25 kVA, 120/240V secondary
    Main Electrical Systems – System voltage (nominal) 50/60 Hz, 7,200V
    Main Electrical Systems – Trail cable (furnished by customer) SHD-3-#4 at 8,000V
    Main Electrical Systems – Transformer, auxiliary 250 kVA, 7,200V primary; 480V secondary
    Power Requirements – Average 15-minute demand 538-753 kW
    Power Requirements – Peak power 2152 Kw
    Power Requirements – Voltage 3 phase, 50/60 Hz, 7,200V (Other voltages available to suit customer requirements.)
    Boom – Boom welded, impact-resistant steel
    Boom – Boom point sheave diameters 2.08 m
    Boom – Boom point sheaves twin-grooved, flame-hardened
    Boom – Handle diameter 86.36 cm
    Boom – Wall thickness (nominal) 4.45 cm
    Rope Data – Boom susp. – Construction struct. Strand
    Rope Data – Boom susp. – Diameter 69.9 mm
    Rope Data – Boom susp. – No. 4
    Rope Data – Boom susp. – Type equalized
    Rope Data – Crowd – Construction 8 x 37
    Rope Data – Crowd – Diameter 60.3 mm
    Rope Data – Crowd – No. 1
    Rope Data – Crowd – Type single dual
    Rope Data – Dipper trip – Construction 7 x 25
    Rope Data – Dipper trip – Diameter 16.0 mm
    Rope Data – Dipper trip – No. 1
    Rope Data – Dipper trip – Type single
    Rope Data – Hoist – Construction 6 x 41
    Rope Data – Hoist – Diameter 57.2 mm
    Rope Data – Hoist – No. 2
    Rope Data – Hoist – Type twin dual
    Rope Data – Retract – Construction 8 x 37
    Rope Data – Retract – Diameter 60.3 mm
    Rope Data – Retract – No. 1
    Rope Data – Retract – Type single dual
    Types Incandescent lights on ground lights, walkways and operator’s cab.
    Types HPS lights on boom feet, top of A-frame, machinery house, lube room, control room, utility room and flood lights.
    Components Rope Crowd with crowd machinery located at front center of the revolving frame; consisting of a motor, brake, drum and gearing.
    Components Plastic-coated crowd and retract ropes are used to move the dipper handle fore and aft.

  • Ideal for long life mines with bench heights of 52 ft (about 16 m) • Optimum pass match capabilities with Cat 785D and 789D trucks. Safety comes as an integral part of machine design, provides excellent visibility, non-slip stairs, platforms and walkways, along with stored energy signs . Robust front end design with a free-floating handle, which eliminates torsional loading.Maintenance-friendly, deck-mounted crowd machinery, which reduces front-end weight.


    TIPL has trained service engineers available to provide you with the support necessary to meet your production requirements, help you maximize productivity and minimize costs.We are built to help you succeed; with parts, service support; ensuring you operate safely, sustainably, productively and profitably.


    • Higher productivity: AC machines are faster than DC machines due to an absence of commutation limits, which enables AC machines to operate with a greater area under the speed torque curve. This translates to faster lowering speeds and reduced swing times
    • Ÿ Superior availability: AC IGBT electric rope shovels have routinely demonstrated electrical availabilities of greater than 98%. Compared to DC machines, mean time between failures is extended and mean time to repair is reduced
    • Ÿ Greater reliability: AC machines are less vulnerable to input voltage variation. They continue to operate with instantaneous voltages from -20% to -30%, ranges which cause DCshovels to shut down
    • Ÿ More efficient: AC drives provide 10% energy savings over DC over the life of the shovel. AC drives maintain a power factor of 1.0 (zero efficiency loss), compared to 0.95 with DC drives
    • Ÿ Reduced maintenance: No regular maintenance is required on IGBT power control modules. Motor maintenance on AC machines is reduced to greasing and replacing bearings every 30,000 hours
    • Ÿ Reduced inventory: AC machines do not require a RPC, motor brushes or motor commutors. IGBT modules are interchangeable between AFEs, inverters, motions and machines


    AccessDirect is an electrical interface system that facilitates remote access to a machine’s onboard computer .With AccessDirect, maintenance personnel can analyze faults from off-site locations and arrive on-site prepared to resolve the issue – leading to reduced machine downtime. AccessDirect also enables factory experts to remote-access and troubleshoot faults, resulting in superior response times and reduced mean time to repair.


    MIDAS health monitoring system optimizes machine performance by providing, logging and analyzing data on a variety of machine variables.MIDAS comes complete with a built-in report generator that outputs data in a format that can be easily analyzed to identify opportunities to improve machine performance. When paired with AccessDirect, MIDAS provides real-time monitoring of shovel operations and provides users with a 3D model to watch the shovel in motion.


    AccuLoad is a data analysis system that provides real-time feedback on dipper loads with industry leading accuracy of ±4% on greater than 90% of all loads. AccuLoad’s load calculation is accomplished without mechanical sensors, eliminating the need for recalibration, a common problem with other load-weighing systems.The system can be employed to calculate material moved, to monitor overloading of trucks or to allow operators to study their load and shift performance. It can also log operator performance data which, when paired with MIDAS, can generate reports to help identify training opportunities to increase shift production.


    Cat 7295 major structures are designed to perform effectively and consistently even in harsh mining conditions. Structures are manufactured using cold-weather, impact-resistant, high-strength steel with select welds of full-penetration, profiled and ground type.All welds undergo visual inspection, with critical welds also receiving MT, UT or X-ray inspection. Large furnaces are used to stress-relieve entire weldments for reduced susceptibility to cracking. Interiors of finished structures are painted white to facilitate field inspection.


    The Cat free-floating tubular handle design presents many benefits over traditional rack-and-pinion systems.These benefits are:

    These benefits include:

    • ŸFaster swing times: the Cat deck-mounted, rather than boom-mounted, crowd machinery greatly reduces front end weight for reduced swing inertia and faster swing times
    • Ÿ Elimination of torsional loading: The free-floating handle design allows the the handle to rotate under torsional stress, transferring stress into the ropes rather than into the boom and handle
    • Ÿ Crowd cushioning: With all electric rope shovels, as the dipper crowds the bank the handle recoils slightly. On Cat shovels, this force is absorbed in the ropes (rope crowd) orhydraulic fluid (HydraCrowdTM), reducing stress on the handle. On a rack-and-pinion system, the force is absorbed where the rack and pinions mesh, leading to broken teeth

      and increased handle cracking

    • Ÿ Improved line of sight: Cat machines provide operators with a much-improved left-hand line of sight by moving the crowd machinery from the boom to the deck
    • Ÿ Efficient digging: Wide-set boom point sheaves stabilize the dipper as it engages the bank for easier and more efficient digging

    CAT® CAB

    The cab provides excellent visibility with enhanced line of sight supplemented by five optimally-mounted cameras and display screens. It provides enhanced safety through dual access/egress doors and an optimally-placed trainer seat with independent emergency stop. Additionally, the new cab offers the smoothest, most comfortable ride available with an ergonomic, adjustable operator’s seat with fully pneumatic suspension system, low-effort joysticks and dual display screens optimized for operator comfort.


    HydraCrowd represents the first new crowd technology that improves safety and cuts downtime by reducing the number of maintenance events needed to keep the machine operational. HydraCrowd is controlled with proven Cat IGBT technology and has complete diagnostic and troubleshooting information with step-by-step instructions. It is designed to operate in all climates to ensure each shovel will be able to deliver maximum productivity in the harshest conditions.


    The LatchFree Dipper System is Caterpillar’s solution to customers’ number-one cause of downtime­ – the latch assembly. The LatchFree dipper eliminates the latch assembly, replacing it with a strong steel link mounted to the dipper back – away from material flow.The system improves safety by reducing the number of maintenance events required to maintain the system and increases reliability by reducing unplanned downtime.


    The unique FastFil dipper provides customers with faster and fuller dipper loads. Its trapezodial shape accommodates the natural configuration of the load, eliminating voids that occur with box-shaped dippers for improved fill factors.

    The trapezoidal shape also reduces dipper size and weight for improved maneuverability and faster swing times. Additionally, optimized lip and rake angles lead to improved bank penetration and eliminate bulldozing for reduced material turbulence. Finally, a shorter dipper body cuts load and dump time. Combined, FastFil features optimize fill factor and maximize productivity.


    Safety is integral to our commitment to mining. Product designs undergo risk assessments and meet strict codes and regulations. Examples of safety focus include the development of a new cab with dual egress doors and flat floors to provide stretcher-to-operator access, LatchFree dipper and HydraCrowd for reduced unplanned maintenance.


    The ability of your mining equipment to achieve promised production levels is as dependent on the operator’s knowledge and skill as it is on the equipment itself. TIPL has the required expertise to provide on-site operator training and assessments, on-site electrical and mechanical maintenance training, and a variety of computer-based training options. The Computer based training (CBT) modules provide convenient 24/7 access to training on a variety of topics ranging from safety and operation to mechanical and electrical repairs. Contact TIPL to know more.

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