Oil & Gas


When it comes to providing power for the Oil & gas industry ,TIPLs leads the way by providing power solutions that are efficient ,reliable, packaged by our expert engineering team to meet the specific requirements of the application and backed by our high levels of service and support.

With a committed customer focus, TIPL leads the market in gas compression, drilling, and well servicing products and systems, Caterpillar is the first choice for. Along with unmatched performance, efficiency, quality and durability of petroleum industry power solutions we combine something equally valuable — the TIPL commitment to provide comprehensive sales and service support ensuring productivity and peace of mind.


  • ŸElectrical and mechanical power
  • ŸEngines run on a wide range of gaseous and liquid fuels
  • Services include specification review, project management, detailed documentation and engineering calculations
  • Trade, exchange, or consign your engine
  • Backed by TIPL’s  unrivalled service and support

Oil and Gas Applications

  • ŸGas Compression
  • Land and Offshore Drilling and Production
  • Well Servicing
  • Workover Rigs
  • Mechanical drives for cranes, fire pumps, fracturing, pumps


Why are so many Cat engines used in every area of the oil and gas business? Caterpillar prime movers are designed to be durable and to deliver low operating costs. And they have been proving it, day in and day out, in oil and gas applications throughout the world, since the 1930’s.

In wildcatting and production drilling applications alike, Cat engines have been drilling the vast majority of the world’s wells for years – on shore and offshore. The Cat 3500, 3600, and CM32 Family engines feature a robust design and low-speed operation for long engine life. Plus, they offer emissions compliance, improved fuel economy, easier servicing, and the lowest owning and operating costs in the business.

As the drilling business continues to adapt to the changes in the world oil market, more and more contractors are discovering rig repowering to be a cost-effective way to enhance their drilling speed and safety. In addition to offering long life and economical operation with the latest technological advantages, Cat 3500 engines fit conveniently into existing rigs because they share the same overall dimensions as their predecessors, the 6.25″ bore D300 Family.

Well servicing contractors are well serviced by Cat engines. Whether your business is completion and stimulation or work overs, there is a Cat engine perfectly suited for the daily rigors of your trade. With prime movers, ranging from 75 to 2,250 hp, their reliability and high hp/weight ratio makes them perfect for work overs, as well as fishing, frac, acidizing or cementing jobs. For remedial well work with mobile drilling rigs, Cat engines are a perfect fit delivering speed for efficient drilling. All of which makes for exceptional operating efficiency, fuel economy, dependability and serviceability for low owning and operating costs.

Whatever, wherever, whichever production method is being used, there is a Cat engine perfectly matched for the application. With engines that burn crude, diesel, and a wide range of field gases, along with a full line of ranges of 50 to 10,000 hp (8,000 hp with gas engines) and 700 to 2,600 rpm, Cat engines can match virtually any horsepower, speed or fuel specification. That is why producers have long relied on Cat engines for power generation, lift systems and water disposal, recovery applications, and high-hour, high-load crude oil pumping.

Caterpillar advances in gas engine technology have led gas compressor manufactures to match Cat engine speeds for their greater efficiency and economy. The higher engine speeds enable engine/compressor systems of any given size to compress more gas, so they offer lower installed cost for the output. Whether your business is gas gathering, processing, or storage and retrieval, there is a perfectly matched Cat gas engine (40 to 8,000 hp range) for any gas compression application.