Cat Ground Engineering Tools (GET)

  • Bucket Tips and Adapters – the range supports varying degrees of tip penetration.

    •  J Series and K SeriesTM


    Cutting Edges and Segments: There are many options – all designed with durability in mind, Cat cutting edges are built for your application and designed to give you the lowest cost per hour.

    • Buckets
    • Motor graders
    • Blades
    • Scrapers

    Wear Protection Products: Designed to protect more expensive components such as machines and buckets, resulting in less downtime and greater productivity., and allows maximum wear protection in any type of environment or application.

    • Chocky bars
    • Heat shrouds
    • Side bar protectors
    • Wear plates
    • Mechanically attached wear plate system (MAWPS)


    Ripper Shanks and Tips

    Cat Ripper Tips and Shank Protectors are designed to work together to give you the productivity you need for your application. Together, they provide the durability and strength needed for an optimized ripping system.

  • Consistent case depth hardness in all Cat GET provides longer wear life resulting in lower operating costs.

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